MUNBI Analytics


Your one stop shop for all your National Treasury Reporting, Compliance and Analysis solutions. Management Accounts at a click of a button. Annual Financial Statements by budget and Actuals. Our solutions are a value add to your current solutions with easy to read reports and dashboards. Our aim is to enhance your current systems by getting exactly what you want from it. We are passionate about business intelligence and analysis.

MunBI Analytics (MBA) is the brainchild of Business Intelligence and Reporting enthusiasts. The application came about as a need to help simplify the way end users view and understand mSCOA.

We all know the mSCOA chart can be overwhelming with its GUIDS and the amount of segments that are there.



       So how does MBA help you the end-user?

1.   Helps you navigate and learn the chart

2.   Imports your system generated datastrings

3.   Performs first level of validation of your datastrings i.e. the file format

4.   Performs segments validation of your datastrings in real time

5.   Produces A, B, C, …F schedules

6.   English and visual translation of your datastrings

7.   Capture your IDP projects

8.   Capture SDBIP per departments

9.   Create link between IDP project, Budget and SDBIP

10. Get municipal accountability cycle

11. Produce the face of the financial statements

12. Produce multi-dimensional (segments) budget tracking reports

13. Produce exception and early detection reports